In this area you can see all of the woodworking I've posted about on this site. This area includes only projects and items I have designed, created, refined and built from scratch. What you will not find are posts of kits I have purchased or acquired and assembled.

Scrap Wood Tray

Scrap Wood Tray

Sometimes a project is a result of an idle mind, sometimes it's to see if I can stretch a bunch of wood scraps. In the case of this tray it was to see what I could do with some leftover maple, some oak dowels, and some 2" pine stock.

Decorative Tray

Decorative Tray

Sometimes you need to build something useful and decorative just to see where you can take it. In this case I decided to make a stylized decorative tray for my own personal use. Normally I make trays for others so this time I took a few chances because I knew the end user well.

Packer's Table

Packer's Table

Sometimes when you look around at your scrap pile you find a few items that are leftover from old pieces of items you have torn apart or are the only good parts left from items that were too far gone to salvage. Sometimes with a little creative vision, something good can come from this.

Phone Speaker Box

Speaker Box

Sometimes you have a little scrap wood laying around, and you are looking for something to do with it. In this case it's going to go into a cell phone amplification box. Just drop the phone into the slot in the top and it will passively amplify the audio coming out of it.

Nightstand Project #2

Nightstand Project #2

This is a nightstand I created for my girlfriend. It was designed to replace an old outdated table she had, and to give her some additional storage in her room.

My New Nightstand

I have been working on a number of a woodoworking projects, including my new nightstand, starting with a bunch of scrap wood from previous projects.

Table Project - Gift

Gift Table 1

One of my more recent projects was a gift table. The whole project started with a few scrap pieces of wood leftover from some of my past projects. Each doweled and glued together.

Oversized Coffee Table Project

Coffee Table Sketch

Sometimes you start with a simple sketch for something you might want to build. In this case I felt the need to make a bigger coffee for my living room, but at the same time I wanted it to be a little more detailed and creative than the simple ones that you can find in any furniture store.

Scrap Wood Project 2015

Tray Image  2

Sometimes when you are looking at your scrap wood pile an idea for something you can do with some of it. At least maybe I do. In this case you take a little glue, some clamp time, some trying time, and a lot of time with the sanders and sand paper.

Butcher Block Final

BBlock Final 1

Here is the finished design of the butcher block, incorporating the top which was shown in my previous project posting. Above you can see the 140 pounds of blood, sweat, and tears... and lumber which has finally ended up in my kitchen.


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