Scrap Piece Candle Holder

Scrap candle holder

Sometimes when you walk by your scrap pile you notice a piece of wood that is just begging for you to do something with it. That was the genesis of this little guy. It was a left over scrap from a cutting board that I made a few months back.


Holes Drilled

I saw this remnant and took it off my scrap pile and set it on my coffee table, and after looking at it for a while I decided it would be interesting to see if I could drill a few holes into it.

Shape edges no more

Although it looked okay, obviously it was very rough looking, so I ran it through the router table a few times to knock off the sharp edges. At that point it was starting to look a lot more finished and less like a left over piece of scrap wood.

a little poly to keep the wax off

A few coats of finish later I had something that looked pretty good, for something that was destined to end up in my fire pit.