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DayCareDoc Character


The third illustration I created for the DocNetwork group, has now gone active over on their "DayCareDoc" website. It is part of their medical record websites which I have been lucky enough to have designed their represntative characters for. These include DayCareDoc, SchoolDoc, and CampDoc.

SchoolDoc Freelance Design


My latest freelance job for SchoolDoc is now being used over on their website and marketing materials. This website is part of a larger overall project including CampDoc and an additional soon to be launched project. I have been lucky enough to have been able to design several different characters for their group.

Disillusion Design


My "Woking Dead' design was featured over on the Disillusioned Designs website for this week. I have been lucky to have a couple of designs featured over there now, and am grateful for the honor.

K Bowl Logo

K Bowl

My latest freelance project was creating the logo for a new Korean restaurant in the Champaign area called "K Bowl." The restaurant specializes in takeout food and just opened it's doors for business.

Lame Duck in Action

Lame Duck

My little "Lame Duck" illustration has shown up on the Promise of America website, the Dave Manuel website, Sherry Glasser's website, Grouchy Days website and a dozen or so other places. At least most of them actually purchased it. I am in no way responsible for the content on any of these websites. So if you do not agree with them, let them know, not me. *laughter*

Spiceworks - Work in Action


I happened to be testing a ticketing and resource monitoring application called Spiceworks, and something caught my eye in their Spiceworks TV module. Seems like they are using my "Technician 1" illustration as their icon for their IT Comedy Channel over there. It's always fun to accidentially stumble across one of your illustrations in use somewhere unexpected like this.

Litigator's Chew Toy

Litigator's Chew Toy

I was recently informed one of my illustrations over on iStock is featured prominently on the report "How Your Contracts Turn Your Business Into a Litigator's Chew Toy." The illustration used was my "Government Dog Agents" image which is still available over in my iStock portfolio.

CampDoc Follow-up

Camp Doc Standup 1

Several months ago for a freelance job, I designed a doctor character for a group called CampDoc. I have seen the image in action on their website; but this is the first time I have seen the design in action in other ways they have used it. Including a 6 foot tall stand-up of the doctor. It is really fun for me to see my design for them out in the world, and some of the different ways it is being used.

RedBubble Advertising

RedBubble Site Image

I was just informed my "Don't You Want a Hug!" creepy bear design was selected to be used as one of main site images on the visitor landing page starting September 19th... then a few second later someone purchased one of the the shirts over on the site. I guess advertising really does pay.

Surreality Watch


I was just informed my "Will Kill For Coffee" Angry Bunny poster was featured over on the Surreality Watch blog. It's always nice to see when other people appreciate your work; and I am grateful they did so and let me know about it.


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