English Ivy Removal Project

Vines 1

So, my backyard privacy fence is not in the best shape and I was looking to repair or repalce it, or at the bare minimum reseal it. The problem was that it was also largely covered in English Ivy. So I stripped most of the ivy off from the front and the back and realized that it had taken over all of the area behind the fence. It appears at some time in the past one of the previous owners had planted English Garden and tried to cover just the fence with ivy; But instead the ivy grew down hill and just covered everything in it's path and killed off pretty much all of the garden.

So decided to put the fence project on hold, and take care of the mess behind it. My first plan was to start by mowing as much of the ivy as I could to strip the leaves and the ground cover as much as possible. In a perfect world I could have done most of the area that way and then it would have been just clearing the runners and bagging things up. But it's not a perfect world. Under the ivy there were also 12 stumps of various trees and bushes that have been trimmed back, but no one actually bothered to dig them out or at least try to dig them out; there were three good sized rocks and one fairly large one. So we are talking almost all of it was done by hand.Also under the ivy I found several pieces of an old grill and a decomposed 20 pound bag of charcoal. Not sure how long it had been there, but they had started to sink into the soil so I had to dig all of them out too.

Vines 2

So it only took 5 hours and nine yard waste bags and one large trash bag for the trash hidden under it, but I finally got everything done. The front of the fence is completely cleaned up and the junk is cleared away.

Vines 3

Behind the fence is stripped down, the ivy is gone (for this year) and the whole area has been planted with sun to shade grass seed and watered. For the next few days I'll be watering it on a regular basis and see if we get some grass started. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to start working on the fence. Until then, it's all about the grass.

On a side note I didn't dig out the bulbs of the random flowers that occasionally pop up from under the ivy. I figure if they survived all of this time, then who am I to take them out. I may change my mind about it next year if the grass actually fills in the area.